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#Occupy K Street Takes Protests To Lobbyists

Protesters from Occupy DC and Take Back The Capitol are taking their message on the move Wednesday, marching on K Street to protest the growing influence of corporate lobbying firms.


  1. WAMU's own Markette Smith was on-hand to report about the protests.
  2. To start the day, protesters marched on the headquarters of the Podesta Group, the lobbying and public affairs firm that represents such targets of 'Occupy' scorn as Bank of America, Walmart and Lockheed Martin.
  3. While a few protesters did make it into the Podesta building, security had it on lockdown, prompting them to march back to McPherson Square.
  4. Once back in McPherson, protesters set about occupying an intersection by moving trash cans and chairs into the middle of the street.
  5. Police were quick to clear the debris, but that didn't stop protesters themselves from taking to the streets.
  6. Of course, while many sympathize with the Occupy message, those who disapproved did not hesitate to make their displeasure known.
  7. An interesting dynamic also appears to be developing between Occupy DC and the SEIU 'Take Back The Capitol' movement.
  8. Protesters seem to be resisting the police's orders not to block the street with anything other than their bodies, and are growing more bold.