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Some highlights of the student demands

Some highlights of the demands made in campus protests across the United States, as compiled by the (sympathetic) site

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  1. From Guilford College:
  2. From Dartmouth:
  3. From Wesleyan:
  4. I first noticed by way of a tweet from the activist DeRay Mckesson (criticism of the demands is mine, not his):
  5. Some observers, such as FIRE, the group that defends free expression on campus, had already taken note of the site:
  6. FIRE's Alex Morey wrote:
  7. "Among the enumerated items on lists of demands popping up at dozens of schools—at institutions like the University of Wyoming, San Francisco State University, and Amherst College—demands that college authorities take steps to dissuade or even sanction community members who express disagreement with the protesters are worryingly common.
  8. "Particularly concerning are calls for speech codes demanding punishment of constitutionally protected “hate speech,” mandatory trainings requiring students to voice agreement with certain ideologies (compelled speech), and rules about what faculty cannot, or must, teach."
  9. As I found, there was much more to discover:
  10. From Michigan State:
  11. Duke:
  12. Eastern Michigan U.: