Wally's top tweets of 2011

Questions, complaints, comments, they all made the list and helped us enjoy our best social-media year ever.


  1. When Wally Waterdrop posted his first tweet in 2009, we didn't know how we might use Twitter, or Facebook, or YouTube for our customers' benefit. Our top tweets reveal a few ways in which we hope our social media efforts made a difference.

    14. Only tweeting waterdrop

    Since January, we've seen others, but perhaps we started a trend.
  2. 13. What the PUP?

    For the last two Cleveland Indians seasons, the Sewer District has supported Puppypalooza to help promote its own Pick Up Poop! (PUP) campaign, an ediucational effort to protect local water quality. Fans tweeted from the stands as @philleb63 did, and we were able to reply with links about our program. She subsequently tweeted her approval.
  3. 12. "I have no desire to Like my Sewer District."

  4. Several customers tweeted similar comments on the same day after we began airing educational spots on local radio. Funny thing was, we heard it, quickly responded to both with openness and good humor, and liked the replies we saw.
  5. 11. Map? No problem!

    @JeffreyGifford tweeted Wally with a request for a watershed map as a resource for a Boy Scout meeting. We're always happy to promote watershed education.
  6. 10. #rates2012 part 1

    During our series of rate-information meetings, @neorsd tweeted the presentation and encouraged those in attendance and at home to ask questions. They did.
  7. We especially liked posting responses to residents who didn't even know we were listening.
  8. One of the most vocal attendees with legitimate points and questions was @lexioh, and the tweet exchange led to a useful blog post.
  9. 9. #rates2012 part 2

    Even more recently, we exchanged tweets with her again.
  10. 8. Tweeting educators unite!

    We'd love to use social media as a resource for more educators. @swbarber63 has given us ideas and is at the front of the charge.
  11. 7. #cle20

    Wally made The Plain Dealer's Twitter Twenty in May and we were glad to hear he's big with the kids.