Projects and progress: 2011 year in review

We revisit some of our big news from 2011 and what the events mean to our customers.


  1. Huge projects, big progress above and below the surfaceCombined, the total budgets for the Euclid Creek Tunnel (ECT) and the Southerly plant Renewable Energy Facility (REF) account for more than $370 million. The ECT broke ground this year and already has more than 200 feet of shafts burrowing their way below the surface; the REF—which will conserve resources, reduce pollution, and produce 25% of the entire treatment plant's electricity when it goes online in 2013—has nearly all of its exterior walls finished which will allow for a productive winter inside the facility.

  2. Here was a recap of our Euclid Creek Tunnel/Project Clean Lake groundbreaking last spring...
  3. Euclid Creek Tunnel/Project Clean Lake ceremony | April 20, 2011
  4. ...and a progress video over the summer.
  5. Euclid Creek Tunnel construction
  6. Our Renewable Energy Facility is set to go online in 2013. Here are some quick facts to consider.
  7. EPA to use our green-infrastructure plan as a model

    Green infrastructure is part of our Project Clean Lake program. Our green-infrastructure efforts to reduce the amount of stormwater in our combined-sewer system means less pollution in our lake and a lower cost per gallon of reduction. That combination made the Sewer District one of 10 model programs identified by the Environmental Protection Agency this year, a recognition which will help set a standard for future programs across the country.
  8. About Project Clean Lake:
  9. What is a combined sewer overflow? Here's a description in less than a minute-and-a-half:
  10. Open House draws hundreds to learn about clean water

    Another great year for our Open House. We love the chance to give customers a closer look at our work. Here are some highlights from 2011, and we're already planning the 2012 edition.
  11. Our Analytical Services department runs our lab. A #neorsdTOUR visitor experiments for fun.
    Our Analytical Services department runs our lab. A #neorsdTOUR visitor experiments for fun.
  12. Audit affirms new business practices are on target

    The State Auditor released a report in July indicating the changes we have made since 2007 have demonstrated improved performance and accountability.
  13. Project Clean Lake's green infrastructure plan is headed to EPA

    This month, the District will submit its Green Infrastructure study results to the Environmental Protection Agency as a requirement of its Project Clean Lake consent decree. The study identified 38 project areas with the potential to reduce combined sewer overflow volume by more than 44 million gallons.
  14. Court affirms District's authority to implement stormwater program

    County court judge Thomas J. Pokorny's ruling was important, but the program remains in court today. The issue is whether a regional stormwater management program charge is considered a fee or a tax, a question that was raised several times during our public meetings.
  15. Here's the dialogue of an exchange from a Cleveland meeting last spring.