How BlackBerry cracked the youth market

My Twitter feed became a marketing product specialist and ethnographer this morning when I posed a question about BlackBerry mobile devices.


  1. The issue arose from a media workshop that Speed recently ran for six graduates on the Taylor Bennett Foundation.
    Several people in the group had at least two smart phones: one on a data contract for apps, and a second, typically a Blackberry on pay as you go contract for texting and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).
    I was curious as to how BlackBerry has seemingly managed to attract a young audience when it was originally targeted at data hungry business people on the move.
  2. My Twitter feed had the answer of course. The recurring response was that young people like the messenger feature and pricing of the BlackBerry platform.
  3. But is this deliberative customer-centric product development or luck? My Twitter feed had the answer of course.
  4. And finally perhaps marketing, particularly in the form of celebrity endorsement, could have a role to play?