TPAC2012: "See, sketch and fun"

Back from TPAC2012 which we held in Lyon. This is the W3C Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee Meetings week storified.

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  1. TPAC2012 in a nutshell: Five days (six, if you take into account that the CSS Working Group held a three-day face-to-face meeting that started on the Sunday.), 1 Developer Meetup, 16 parallel Working Group Meeting on Monday and Tuesday, 1 Technical Plenary with over 480 attendees, 39 Breakout sessions in 3 series, 15 parallel Working Group Meeting on Thursday and Friday.
  2. Our TPAC2012 attendees were busy on the Twitters. I selected among > 400 tweets using the #TPAC tag, what I found best illustrates last week's "See, sketch and fun", as François Daoust put it. Thanks all for contributing.
  3. W3C Developer Meetup at the Lyon City Hall. The event drew more than 350 people.
  4. No significant W3C event goes by without the @w3cmemes tumblr being fed.
  5. We gave attendees a t-shirt to remember the event. It got a lot of attention; people will remember. What can we say? With Halloween in the middle of TPAC2012, bright pumpkin orange was any good a colour!
  6. People unanimously praised the food. Lyon, often times referred to as the capital of the French gastronomy, did not disappoint.
  7. Hiro Nakajima had the brilliant idea of creating temporary tattoos and some of them got in the hands of some of our peeps. Or, on the back of their hands, as the image below shows. Or behind some necks, or on chests, or biceps, but if those were documented, I didn't find evidence.
  8. Some people left at the end of Tuesday, after their group's face-to-face meeting, full of ideas and eager to implement.
  9. Ah, werewolves. The werewolf game has become an institution. Some know the variations called Mafia, or Mao. Tuesday night, Master of Ceremony Dominique Hazaël-Massieux led a game during which innocent villagers fight for their lives, and cruel werewolves hunt villagers. 
  10. Wednesday 31 October, Technical Plenary.
  11. Organising the "camp-style" breakout sessions. Three tracks of an hour, ten rooms. Post-it notes to shuffle breakouts.
  12. Holding our Technical Plenary day on Halloween. Other than a Star Trek outfit and a Wizard's hat, many wore the pumpkin orange TPAC2012  t-shirt.
  13. Breakout session action: