"I Say A Little Prayer For You": Last Week in Social Media

Every week, our social media team engages patients, caregivers and the public about their experiences and shares stories from Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Below you'll find some of our favorite examples from the week ending July 6, 2014.


  1. Vanderbilt Lifeflight Turns 30

  2. With apologies to Dionne Warwick, we've been humming "I Say A Little Prayer for You" ever since we saw all the great comments on Facebook wishing Lifeflight a happy 30th anniversary. We shared a link to a video to mark the occasion and asked if folks said a prayer when they see Lifeflight overhead. Below you'll find a few of our favorite comments (of more than 150). In all, more than 93,000 users saw the post, and more than 3,500 of them liked, commented and shared the post with their family and friends.
  3. Vanderbilt Lifeflight 30th Anniversary
  4. Glenda Jennings Olive Thank you for coming to the scene of my wreck on March 22, 1989. I had been trapped in my car for over a hour when you were called to pick me up. You were credited for me being able to walk today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  5. Christine Dawn Lifeflight saved my son's life last November. So thankful for the pilot and in-flight nurses.
  6. Charmagne Ogg Kidwell On November 10, 2013, my 12 year old son was airlifted to Vanderbilt with new onset ketoacidosis. The flight crew was phenomenal! I had never flown in a helicopter before, was scared of flying, even more terrified I was going to lose my son. They kept me calm and reassured every step of the way. Thank you Lifeflight!
  7. Holly Haynes Johnson Two years ago Lifeflight helped save my Dad after a traumatic brain injury..... much appreciation for what they do!
  8. Holli Hutcheson Dilks Yes, I always say a prayer when I hear a Lifeflight coming or going from VUMC! So thankful for the work they do!
  9. Elena Nester So thankful for Life Flight and the crew...without them my husband may not be here today! They are truly a blessing!
  10. Stacey Overly They brought my mom a much needed set of lungs. Thank the team everyday.
  11. Vince Barnett My son was in this horrible wreck in 2005, we received a call from the local hospital that there had been a "little accident"..........we weren't prepared to see what he actually looked like but he and a friend both were spared by the Grace of God thru this disaster, and the Great care of Vanderbilt was so awesome that I remember thinking that no better care could be found anywhere! Thank you for "being there"!!!!
  12. What Our Patients Are Saying

  13. AMC Lifting Lives Music Camp

  14. Our friends from Music Row brought their time and talent to the annual ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp. Below is a video from the culmination of the week, performing on the Grand Ole Opry stage, followed by a wrap-up of events and news coverage from the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center. Artists, campers and others shared tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram pics and other information via social media throughout the week of camp.
  15. Grand Ole Opry with Chris Janson - ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp 2014
  16. We Asked and our Community Responded

  17. We are gratified to see a lot of response to the post below, asking for travel-sized toiletries for our families when they stay overnight with their children. (And if you have extras to spare, please donate them to Volunteer Services, Suite 2125 at Children's Hospital).
  18. Health and Safety Tips for the Holiday

  19. Thanks to our News and Communications team for great content we could share to help make our community's Independence Day safer and more enjoyable.