#TaxJustice blogging day - 7th September 2016

Tax dodging keeps making headlines across the world. Today, campaigners and activists across the world share their stories about why they are taking on the fight for #taxjustice.


  1. And a few more pieces from Latin America to round off our worldwide day of blogging for #TaxJustice.
  2. Some more blogs and vlogs from Italy, Zambia, Bolivia and Germany to close our #TaxJustice blogging day. We've had journalists, politicians, activists and more contributing from across the world. Thank you for writing, reading and inspiring!
  3. From the UK, Oxfam supporters are talking about the interesting tax campaigning times we live in, exploring the race to the bottom of tax and generally enthusing about how together we can make a difference!
  4. Action Aid in the Netherlads spoke with two passionate tax justice campaigners in Nigeria and Malawi. Read their stories.
  5. We are very happy to introduce the Oxfam Italia hidden camera video! It's in Italian but whatever language you speak you can definitely appreciate "the Italian way" to react to injustices like tax dodging!
  6. Pagheresti 20 euro per un caffè?
  7. Hard truths on tax evasion but 3 things we are doing about it in Europe. Hear from Jeppe Kofod, Danish MEP, who is using the law to take on the tax dodgers.