get a quote on a car

get a quote on a carget a quote on a car


  1. get a quote on a car
  2. get a quote on a car
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies: 
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  8. I currently am paying 231.10 dollars for car insurance. This policy has only one vehicle, which is a 1997 Dodge Caravan. I am planning to add another vehicle to the policy which is a 2003 Honda Civic Sedan. I am wondering how much more I would have to pay if I were to add on this vehicle. Can someone give me an estimated amount?? ( Using GEICO as my Auto Insurance ) And also, I went on the Geico site and I saw that you can add a vehicle to your policy just online. After I'm done with all the registration, will they just send the insurance card straight to my home with just a simple online registration??"
  9. Can i get cheaper car insurance with historical license plates?
  10. can i get cheaper car insurance with historical license plates
  11. Has anyone used Young Driver Insurance ? With CO OP?
  12. Im searching for cheap car Insurance, I came across CO OP Young Car Insurance, Been Quote 1700 with my 1 years no claims and been driving for 4 years. Without CO OP insurance confused website I did the same search was quoted 2500. Has anyone had CO OP young Insurance can you tell me the Pros and Cons of this Insurance Company, Also if I was driving at 35MPH in a 30zone would I banned from the Insurance company."
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  17. Can I wait to report damage to insurance company till car payed off?
  18. My car was parked on a busy street in icy conditions and when I returned to it, it had clearly been hit but no one left a note, etc. It will probably be very expensive to fix...although it is only cosmetic damage and it isn't horrible. In fact, from a distance, you don't notice it much. husband passed away recently and my finances have been limited. I have full coverage on the car (It is a 2004 ford escape)....because I am still making payments on it. We have a $1000 deductible, which I cannot afford right now. Besides, my brother-in-law tells me he can spruce up the damage and make it look better..and of course won't charge me much for that. was my plan. Please tell me if I'm doing anything illegal here or just tell me if my plan will work: So...I'm expecting a large enough tax refund that I can pay the car off in March if I choose to do so. Once that is all complete...and before I drop my full coverage to just liability, I was going to report the damage....and go through the process of getting estimate, etc...and then not have the car fixed and just take a check. With that check, I was going to pay off some other bills I'm very behind on (mainly hospital bills). That plan will help me get my finances in order and get out from under debt. But I'm not sure if I'm thinking clearly on this! Someone please tell me if this plan is an option. Thank you!"
  19. If i pay more of a down payment on my insurance will i get a lower premium?
  20. Cost for the car im looking at monthly is $398, they want a $401 down payment, if i pay $501 will it take it down?"
  21. Does have a cpc reduce car insurance costs?
  22. I have just recently obtained my pcv license and also gotten my cpc (certificate of professional competence). will having either or both of these reduce my car insurance premiums? thanks.
  23. Which auto insurance providers do not use credit rating as a factor in determining rates?
  24. I'm 28. No accidents, no tickets. I work from home. Go to school online. Car is garaged kept, old and driven only a few times a week, within 3 miles of home. I'm in no way a danger or menace to society. Through mistakes (ages 18-24) I have bad credit. Current insurance, paid 6 mos in advance is coming up for renewal, and has risen due to bad credit. I do not think I fit the criteria of high risk in terms of claims or bad driving."
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