average car insurance rates

average car insurance ratesaverage car insurance rates


  1. average car insurance rates
  2. average car insurance rates
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://insure-cheap.info/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. What is the cheapest way to get insurance on my first car.?
  6. I am 18 and am buying a 1.2 corsa. I need to know the cheapest way to insure it. Even if I have to go on a relatives insurance. Please help
  7. Car insurance online?
  8. can i sign up for car insurance online and drive the same day
  9. "Rear ended someone in a rental vehicle, will my premiums rise?"
  10. I was in a rental vehicle when I tapped the car in front of me. I drove a '11 Toyota Corolla and he an old Chevy Monte Carlo. I came to a complete stop before absentmindedly loosening my foot on the brake, thus I tapped him at perhaps 2-3mph, and left a light imprint of the license plate on his red bumper. I offered to negotiate a cash payment on the spot, I was thinking of a couple hundred, but he insisted costs to be over 1,500. I did pay for damage insurance on the rental, but not liability. I'm insured with Safeco in Southern California, will this affect my rates at all? I talked to a body shop and showed them pictures of the imprint, and they figured that repairs would be around 150-300, depending. I heard that premiums won't necessarily rise unless damages are over 750? Is that true, and if so what are some tips to keep them from rising at this point? (this would be the first accident where I am held liable)"
  11. Will an insurance company know if I leave another insurance company without paying?
  12. I am actually on my mom's policy, (we split the bill) and we are unable to come up with all the money they want(two months payments) totaling $1200.00. today is the cutoff day on our insurance now. she told me just to go to a different insurance company. her name is the name on the insurance we have now, so i don't think they will find out, or will they? please help!"
  13. Look! Auto Insurance?
  14. Has anyone heard of Look! Auto Insurance based in Michigan? Are they a legit agency? look-insurance.com/home.nxg
  15. F1-visa student insurance?
  16. I'm traveling to the US to study there and I was looking through a list of insurance companies other than that the university offers ( which isn't obligatory) and I found this company called ISO isoa.org/ Is it a good insurance company? I mean the rates it covers and the price of the plan is really good. The Gold plan is 39 dollars per month, meaning it's only 468 dollars per year ! Is that expensive, cheap, or just good ? Do you recommend other insurance companies that could be better and affordable ? Thank you."
  17. Baby Insurance at 19?
  18. I doubt it will, but, I am 19 years old and I am still on my mom's insurance plan. So if I were to get pregnant, would the insurance cover my baby's delivery and pregnancy appointments or would I still have to pay the noninsured payments."
  19. Where can i get really cheap braces in California?
  20. I need braces, I do have insurance I am a teen we cant really afford them. I would probably need a year to two in a half years with them. Thank u"
  21. Driving on someone elses car insurance?
  22. I'm 18 and shopping for car insurance and the quotes are ridiculous, (like 280 a month for minimal coverage). However would it be possible/legal to have my girlfriend who is 20 and in college be the legal owner of the car and have the car under her policy, but I drive it daily and still be covered? The insurance quotes for her are MUCH cheaper, like (40 a month). The reason I'm asking is because a friend of mine told me that as long as the car I'm driving is insured by someone, and I'm driving with their consent, I'm insured. Is this true?"
  23. Estimate on drivers insurance?
  24. Hello, i'm 16 years old and about to get my licence any ideas on how much insurance would cost me? My family has Allstate and i can qualify for the good student discount."
  25. Good/Cheap Turbo'd car? No hondas?