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Is it time to rebrand?

Rebranding a person or company


  1. Having a consistent brand image is important for any professional and/or organization. It adds credibility and creates an identity that can be remembered. Knowing when to rebrand is just as important. This may occur when you change names, services, and overall image and want to generate more business. 


    When creating a brand or rebranding one, you must ask a series of questions because branding is more than just a logo. 

  2. If not your campaign might last two weeks or less.
  3. Differentiate through experience

    Siegel+Gale Co-President and CEO, Chief Creative Officer Howard Belk's Thoughts on Keeping Your Brand's Promise. In a global economy you have to work twice as hard to brand a company. 
  4. Keeping your brand's promise
  5. When rebranding you must establish goals, refresh your image and make it public! 

  6. Begin Rebranding Your Company - Counselor How-To Minute
  7. Engage with your customers and stay true to your vision. Great case study on the rebranding of JDate. 
  8. Plan, plan and plan again. Rebranding is tough, don't have it turn into a money pit. 
  9. Rebranding includes your website and social media.
  10. Inform the public of your efforts. 
  11. Get fans excited and engage with them
  12. Make sure your branding efforts are relevant to your audience. 
  13. There are many factors to consider during the rebranding process of any organization. With a well laid out plan you can successfully update your image, logo, websites, social media, and tag line. Engagement is key to create experiences and connect with your target audience.