OLCwELD Thursday Recap

Sound bites from OLCwELD Day 2


  1. We asked and you answered...here are some of our favorite tweets from today.
  2. We couldn't agree with you more @aurumuxi! The good news is that presenters are sharing their slides so you can refer back to them once you return to your office...
  3. Presenters, please continue to tweet your slides or share them through the Google Group where we can continue the conversation. Now on to the Keynote...
  4. Yesterday the Twitter chatter was on faculty and librarians and today the instructional designers are making some noise!
  5. Did you know...?
  6. Games and learning was a big topic today with Twine and R just some of the tools out there for creating your own games.
  7. And what would a conference on Emerging Learning Design be without a little design thinking?