Paris: Luke Shepard's Flaneur

Paris + flanerie = foolproof formula. This video trickled through the Twitter stream to me, tickled my curiosity long enough to distract me from work. Beware: it may well take you far, far away from your desk and work and responsibilities too. Beware...


  1. Once and always a Paris flanerie fan, my appetite for Luke Shepard's "Le Flâneur" -- chain-watched, still fresh and enticing after a half dozen viewings -- should come as no surprise. But you may well be startled to discover how quickly it hooks you...
  2. Although I'm no longer certain where or how I came across this tweet, I believe my meander started there, then lead me here:
  3. Ever since posting about Mike Matas's journey through Morocco & Spain, I've been fascinated by the use of still photography to create a voyage through a place. Now I'm in complete awe of American University of Paris student Luke Shepard who has created a breathtaking look at Paris with Le Flâneur. I love the lack of people in it, and the mood it creates. Just watch.
  4. Moody. Meandering. Music. Just watch. Then watch again. And again...
  5. Here's the discerning collector who discovered and shared Luke Shepard's video short:
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  8. Thank you, Anne Ditmeyer. I'll look forward to your next moody, meandering find. Good luck! But what about the flaneur, the photographer, the video creator? A bit of a mystery. Here's Luke Shepard's profile page on Vimeo:
  9. And here are the minimal credits for for Luke Shepard's "Le Flâneur":
  10. Composed completely of photographs. A project by Luke Shepard, a student at The American University of Paris. Location: Paris, France Camera: Nikon D90 Music: 'Intro' by The XX ( Special thanks to Henry Farrow Miller.
  11. Perhaps you know something more about this creative student at The American University of Paris? Any leads to @virtualDavis please. Thanks!