Parch Pond with TrekEast

Yesterday John Davis (TrekEast) and I escaped with our brides and progeny for a Parch Pond adventure. This Eddy Foundation wilderness holding includes a handsome pond which was frozen and snow-free, perfect for skating. Enjoy the mashup!


  1. So far 2012 in the Adirondacks is the winter that wasn't. The Champlain Valley and environs remain virtually snow free, though the temperatures have drifted into the freezing zone often enough. Perhaps we used up all the rain during the spring floods and Tropical Storm Irene?

    Rather than lamenting the snowless conditions TrekEast's John Davis lead us off on a hiking, picnic'ing and skating escapade...
  2. My hasty video/slideshow was mostly shot on the iPhone. Excuse the fuzz and jerky shots, but enjoy the otter slide!
  3. Parch Pond, Adirondacks
  4. The next iPhone video shot by John takes us to prime mountain lion habitat!
  5. TrekEast Home Video: Parch Pond skate
  6. I'd never seen an otter slide before, but John illuminated the curious markings frozen into the surface of the beaver flow.
  7. Thanks, John, for an inspired January day. Absent snow you reminded us to celebrate the ice. Bruised elbows and knees aside (fortunately no photo/video evidence of my spectacular wipe-out) it was a memorable day.