Costa Rica: Peninsula Papagayo

It's time for a Tico time-out to re-sync our clocks, wits and appetites with the happy, healthy Costa Rican lifestyle. Come along for the journey!


  1. After a long day for travel -- two flights and a looong layover in Houston -- we've already decompressed and 100% adopted the Costa Rican pura vida mentality. Life is good!
  2. Costa Rica 5-Star Resort, Costa Rica Luxury Marina & Yacht Club ...
    Costa Rica 5-Star Resort, Costa Rica Luxury Marina & Yacht Club ...
  3. Welcome to Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo. Spilling down a coastal hillside to an isthmus of golden sand, Four Seasons creates an ambience of simple luxury in this pristine natural setting. With two unspoiled beaches, an indigenous spa, championship golf and the magic of the tropical dry forest.
  4. four seasons costa rica
    four seasons costa rica
  5. We came. We ate. Like kings. And queens. Oh, and we drank. And my younger nephew regaled us with wit and humor, jokes he'd learned and practiced all afternoon...
  6. Unfortunately we drained the oh-so-sublime '07 C&T Terrunyo (some of which I have stashed in the grape juice cave back at Rosslyn) and they snuck the '06 onto the table next. Hmmm... A BIG difference in that one year. Less voluptuous, less developed tannins, less sexy! The sommelier understood my reaction and we switched to a newish Casa Lapostalle Alexandre Merlot. A safe, delicious standby that would have been better preceded the Terrunyo, but it still complemented grilled sea critters and seared tuna of the drinkers. Aaahhh, the grape!
  7. One of the ways I'm trying harder is to get this GoPro Camera up and running. So far the battery life is brutal. Get's zapped really quickly. Still experimenting... I must be doing something wrong.
  8. Have you ever eaten a mangostino? I hadn't. Until today. Delicious. And beautiful. And exotic. An eggplant colored wrapper. Sections of creamy, mildly perfumed flesh with large glossy black seeds...
  10. I've been totally remiss in the photos department so far. A bunch of funky GoPro video footage playing in the ocean and pool this afternoon with nephews. I've edited a goofy little mashup of the footage that you can check out below.
  11. Peninsula Papagayo: GoPro Camera Experiments