1. I've just stumbled across (hat tip to Twitter, TEDTalks, and other social media sprites) an adventurer of decidedly 21st century proportions. Meet Caroline Casey (@carolinekanchi). A beautiful, blind corporate-star-turned-elephant-handler-turned-social-entrepreneur who'll light your afterburners and motivate you to get off your duff and chase your dream. This woman is a blaring supernova among twinkling stars. And her message is potent and overdue. Although primarily focused on shifting perspectives about people with disabilities, the foundations of her lesson is universal. Defy limitations. Believe in yourself. Take risks. Succeed. I'm just beginning to learn about her inspiring adventure, and I encourage you to connect me with additional information that I've missed. Thanks!
  2. "When you make a decision at the right time in the right place… the universe makes it happen for you." ~ Caroline Casey
  3. This quotation from Caroline Casey's TEDTalk now making the rounds on Twitter, etc. grabbed me for its simplicity and its accuracy. Don't ask me to explain it. Learn it for yourself.

    I paused and rewound the video to write it down and share. And then I discovered that I wasn't alone in my thinking...
  4. Caroline Casey: Looking past limits
  5. Caroline Casey - The Aisling Foundation
  6. Caroline Casey - The Power Of Persuasion
  7. 185km/h in a Lotus on the track. Blind. A dream come true. If you can watch Caroline Casey at the end of this next video after she completes her laps on the track without feeling moved and thrilled for her, you just might want to head in for a tune-up, android! ;-)
  8. Parliament Speakers Presents Caroline Casey
  9. What are you going to do with "your one wild and precious life"? Discover and define the adventure waiting to blossom out of your own unique DNA. Start your adventure with confidence that you will reach your goal(s). Believe you can. Take risks. Learn more from Caroline Casey's presentation, "Being Dangerous".
  10. SoZo Dialogue with Caroline Casey -Being Dangerous
  11. "Don't be frightened of failure," advices Caroline Casey in the video below, "because it's only part of making things happen."
  12. Message to Changemakers from Caroline Casey
  13. So now you're fascinated with Caroline Casey, and you want to follow her adventure up close and personal, right? No problem! You can start by following her on Twitter:
  14. But following is not the message that Caroline Casey is trumpeting. Step out on your own adventure. Dig deep and find your own dream. And then make it come true!