Brussels Sprouts: From Blah to Oolala!

It seems that people either love or hate Brussels sprouts. As a kid I fit into the latter group. Yuck! The smell alone... But some years ago I discovered that I loved them. Senile taste buds? Perhaps. Evolving appetite? Perhaps.


  1. Looks like we're all grown up. Well, not all of us!
  2. Prepping Brussels sprouts
    Prepping Brussels sprouts
  3. I believe my Brussels sprouts transformation hinged upon discovering delicious new ways to eat the sprouts. In particular I have two totally different Brussels sprouts preparations which tantalize my taste buds. One cooked and the other raw. I'll save the latter for a hotter day, but today's chilly Adirondack snowfall is perfect for Brussels Sprouts with Shallots and Wild Mushrooms.
  4. Simple, delicious and relatively healthy. I hope you enjoy experimenting with this recipe. And believe it or not that little video was filmed, edited and uploaded via iPhone. The perfect kitchen tool for culinary flaneurs! Inspired? Try this:
  5. sweet, nutty roasted Brussels sprouts and a woodsy blend of wild mushrooms will make this luxurious variation a hit on even the most traditional holiday table. The fried shallots provide an irresistible savory crunch.
  6. If you'd like to give the "real" recipe a go (minus my freestyle improvisations), you can access the original Gourmet recipe online.
  7. Before you head out grocery shopping, let's see what other people think about the miniature cabbage...
  8. There it is! Even an unabashed Brussels sprout lover felt the need to clarify her desire. Deep in the interstices of our mushy gray matter is an ingrained fear of stinky, mushy boiled micro-cabbage. So even when we've derived our own magical concoctions, we're still wary.
  9. Basically any manner of preparation other than boiling seems to win favor. Daniel Sroka's broiling recipe sounds delicious!