Simple Advertising Has One Time Cost

Ordinary advertising, such as television commercials, radio adverts, and printed sales fliers, can get expensive.


  1. Ordinary advertising, such as television commercials, radio adverts, and printed sales fliers, can get expensive. That is because the business incurs a cost every time the advertisement is played or printed. Payment is in addition to the first cost of producing the original advertisement content, audio, or video. There are precious few advertising mediums that have a one time cost and keeps working 24/7, all of which are outside. There is an Outdoor Advertising Association of America that monitors this aspect of the industry. It is a huge part of advertising because 95 percent of Americans are reached by media that specifically targets vehicle drivers and passengers.

    At some point every day, most people are traveling on the roads. They are going to work, school, shopping, or running errands. A vinyl car wrap is a cost-effective way to reach thousands of people a day with advertising. The name of the business, the logo, a phone number, a website, or all of those things can be affixed right to a vehicle. It works from the minute it is applied, and never shuts off. People will see it during business hours, when technicians go to lunch, at the supply store, on the road, and in the driveway or parking lot at night. Vehicle wraps for a fleet increases brand recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising. That is the best return on an investment that businesses will realize for their advertising dollar.

    A car wrap takes one to two days to place on the vehicle, depending on the size of the vehicle, the number of vehicles, and the size of the wrap. Wraps come in one-quarter, one-half, and full sizes. The process is simple and begins with the design. The design is printed on a special vinyl wrap and is then laminated. The finished product is then applied directly onto the car(s) or truck(s) by professionals.

    That one time cost is the only cost for non-stop advertising. Wraps also help protect vehicles from scratches, debris from other vehicle tires, and small dings. They are easily modified and easily removed. If the business location changes its address, for example, the new address can be placed over the old one. There is no need to get an entire new wrap. Smaller decals and custom vinyl lettering is also available.