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  1. The #VideoTheVote team is signing off after a full day. This election illustrated deep attacks on one of our nation's fundamental rights: the right to cast a vote and have a say in the future of our democracy. We saw voting machines flip votes in Pennsylvania, lines topping 4-5 hours in Florida, massive confusion over photo ID requirements, and poll workers pushing provisional ballots in Ohio. It's clear that the time to reform our dysfunctional voting system is now, but for tonight, we celebrate the thousands of hard-working volunteers who took time to send us information, upload videos, and protect this basic right. Thank you!
  2. #VideoTheVote infographic on voting problems in key states.
  3. NBC calls election for President Obama. Voters still waiting to cast ballots in states like Florida, Virginia, New Mexico...
  4. Insane lines continue in 174 Florida precincts. Anyone waiting in line at this point has been there for 3 or more hours.
  5. Meet Robert, a first time voter who was told he didn't need an ID by phone and then challenged multiple times by poll workers and an election judge. (VIDEO)
  6. Partisan ballots distributed †in front of Roanoke polling place.
  7. Determined Florida voters brace for an all-nighter.
  8. Record lines in Virginia blamed on faulty infrastructure.
  9. More on those long lines in Virginia. (VIDEO)