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Taskrabbit Clone Script

Agriya's exclusive Taskrabbit Clone Script helps you to Launch your Taskrabbit clone/Thumbtack clone Script or an Airtasker like site easily!


  1. What Benefits Does An #Entrepreneur Gets From A #Taskrabbit Clone?

  2. Now there were lots of online software available for taskrabbit clone, many developers are launching their own products to comepetite with each other.But what ever the software products have come to market, agriya has been most popular for being one of the successful clone script developing company among all these.They have launched their product named marketplace quotes a clone for taskrabbit which has more beneficial features with lot more functionality.
  3. 3 Key features used in the creation of Agriya's TaskRabbit clone script
  4. Features of Agriya's Taskrabbit Clone Script

  5. Request a services - Thumbtack clone
  6. Details About Agriya's MarketPlace Quote Taskrabbit Clone Script

  7. Live Free Demo Link From Agriya

  8. How Charlie attains success using Agriya's "Marketplace-Quote" script?

  9. How Charlie attains success using Agriya's "Marketplace-Quote" script? - Thumbtack Clone
  10. Taskrabbit Clone Script

  11. Templates
  12. Features available for taskrabbit clone

    * Dynamic Form Builder
    * Paypal Adaptive Payment Gateway
    * Bootstrap Design
    * Advertising Captcha
    * Ad-Banner Management
    * Social Security Verification
    * Geo-location Based Service Listing
    * Request a Services
    * Face pile
    * Social Network Connectivity
    * Social Sharing
    * Services Subscription
    * Categories Management
    * Transaction Management
    * FAQ Management
    * Services Ratings
    * Services Feedbacks
    * Multi-Language Support
    * SEO Friendly
    * Google Analytics
    * Google Maps Integration
    * Static pages Management
    * E-mail Templates
    * E-mail Messaging System
    * E-mail Notification Alerts
    * Facebook Comments
    * Disqus Comments
    * Invite Friends
    * Site Information Management