Steve Gibson: Spatial and Physical Media

From remixing music with your body to shooting Margaret Thatcher while exercising, Stephen Gibson has been involved with understanding how we can create and use physical interactions. He talked about the projects Virtual DJ, Grand Theft Bicycle, and Wacom Midi.


  1. His areas of interest is in:
    1. Digital and interactive art
    2. Interface design and interactive media design
    3. Electronic and computer-based music (personal interest)
    4. (more recently) transciplinarity (working as a person across disciplines)

    Practice based researc interests
    1. 3D psatial interaction (interactive environments in which motions of users affect audio, lifhs and video)
    2. Physical games (with custom interfaces) to encourage users to exercise while playing games
    3. Live AV performance (he's done DJing for years)
  2. Krueger: "the visual responses should not be judged as separate art works; nor should the sounds be judged as music. The only aesthetic concern should be the quality of the interaction"
  3. Virtual DJ:
    This project lets users remix music using their bodies (via a handheld disc). Moving up and down changes the clarity, and moving around the room changes other aspects of the sound.
  4. The showreel is available on his site: (not linkable)
  5. Grand Theft Bicycle
    Inspired by Gibson getting nearly run off the road in Canada as a cyclist by an elderly woman in a car, the game gives a workout through playing a video game using a bike (plus a fire button).