Drupal Northeast: Drush, Git

If programming is about anything, it's about effiency. This month's Drupal Northeast looked at Drupal's Drush system for making moving content and settings between servers quick and easy, and that darling of the developer world, Git.


  1. There was a record turnout for the presentations (nearly 20 people). Obviously this is a big thing. (I admit knowing enough about each system to be curious, but not enough to actually deploy).
  2. Robert Lavender: Quick Drupal Development Drush/Profiles/Features.
    OK, the first thing I found out from this talk was that what I thought was 'Drush' (automagical synchronising goodness) is actually more likely to be three things together: Drush (keeping files and databases in sync), Profiles (pulling over module activation and user details) and Features (actually adding in content types and content).
  3. Phil Brown: Introduction to Git

  4. Git is a distributed revision control system that has been gaining a lot of traction (partly because of Github?). 
  5. Finally, for future events as well as general admin (upcoming talks, signing up to the mailing list, volunteers for videoing future sessions), organiser Adam aired the idea of having a Drupal charity hack. Generally there was some interest, but what exact form it will take is still uncertain. (Sign up on the site to keep track on developments and contribute any opinions).