Digital Media at the V&A

Andrew Lewis, the Digital Content Delivery Manager at Victoria & Albert Museum discusses their work in the digital sphere, including turning a warship, and data-scrimping museum visitors.


  1. But first, for something completely different … Lewis riffed off the earlier comment from Jason DaPonte about 'hackers doing weird stuff with data' to show his personal project @twitr_janus. (He admitted, "this may not improve my personal standing".
  2. His more general talk was about the V and A.
  3. He is covering:
    Organisation governance and structure
    Digital media content development strategies
    Tech implementations (developing new services etc)
  4. The silos can range from people having money you didn't know of, tech you didn't know of, or making things you didn't know of (which an also lead into rights issues….)
  5. Changes can involve tough love: a microsite may be popular, but if it can't be maintained or be justified within the larger organisational strategy, you can't justify continuing it.