1. Paul Braddock: The Flipped Classroom

    This workshop will attempt to explore the possibilities of the ‘flipped classroom’ in language learning and look at the potential of this relatively new approach to promote greater learner autonomy and personalisation of the learning experience. We will look at some of the key features of the flipped classroom and try to identify the teacher’s role as well explore how far technology has taken us.

    In my workshop, I aim to raise debate and discussion around the potential of ‘flipped learning’ as an effective approach in ELT. I will highlight how this approach is currently being implemented by EFL teachers in a variety of contexts and establish some of the core concepts of flipped learning. Using these examples and concepts, I hope to initiate discussion between participants about how effective this approach is at encouraging learner autonomy and how well it matches the ideas we have about effective learning in general.

    Having attempted to establish what happens in a ‘good’ language learning environment, I will explore the possibilities of how the flipped classroom can represent a progression towards a ‘coming-of-age’ in the use of web tools for effective language learning; that by employing them as a more unobtrusive and integrated feature of learning outside of the classroom, they can serve to facilitate a more personalised experience within it.

    To do this, I will show examples of a how some web tools are used, both inside and outside of the classroom and ask participants to discuss how they may have a positive or negative impact on the key areas of personalisation and learner autonomy when used in the two different contexts (in and out of the classroom).

    In this way, I hope to raise awareness of how technology, when used in a flipped learning set-up, can help build learners’ confidence and encourage a more proficient level of communicative competence inside the classroom.

  2. Paul Braddock - "The flipped classroom"