Kristina Smith on Autonomy in Online and Blended Learning

  1. Kristina Smith: Autonomy in Online and Blended Learning

    Learner autonomy has been associated with distance learning from the early days of the correspondence course, through courses delivered on the radio and later television, right up to today’s online course fashions: mobile learning and MOOCs. Today’s online course designer has to make decisions about methodology of the course and the activity structures as well as how they will assess learning. There is just so much to choose from…. the variety of media available for instruction (podcasts, video, text, etc.), the balance between collaborative and independent activities, synchronous and asynchronous, the platforms and the different task types we can create may seem overwhelming.

    Instead of getting lost in the candy shop, let’s start with first principles, and derive activities and assessment from there. What do we think ‘learner autonomy’ means in an online or blended learning context, why do we want to develop it and how do we develop activities that foster this quality in our course participants?

  2. Finally, a review of Kristina's presentation by Graham Stanley.
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