Design Enterprise 2015

My experience of entering the world of creative business


  1. From the beginning, I knew this was a module I could really get the most out of. From the encouragement to begin intelligently using social media, to the general layout and goals of the module, it was clear that this wasn't going to be something that I could passively whittle away a couple of hours per week with - this was something I could use to make my time in DJCAD really matter.
  2. This was the first time I had ever tweeted or maintained an online presence in a professional capacity, and I soon discovered how the right utilisation of social media could really benefit me, especially when it came to branding and communicating ideas to the right audience.
  3. "Feeling the Dundee pride at Avery & Co #cityofdesign pop-up talks. So much to look forward to! #desent15"

    Victoria Stephen, FRI, JAN 30 2015 15:26:03
  4. Myself and the rest of the animators really wanted to throw ourselves into this module and be as active as we could from the start. What really inspired me initially was the pop-up talk in Avery&Co Café - seeing how Dundee as a community of designers and artists were striving to reach new levels of creative success really made me proud of the city and excited by it's potential.
  5. As a group, we also decided that our goal for this module was to develop the concept for and Animation job search website - a visually appealing and user-friendly alternative to sites, such as LinkedIn and Animation Base, with a familiar tag-based system for more specialism specific searches. The earlier lectures seemed to put a lot of emphasis on the importance of branding and defining values, so we branded our concept ‘Dot-To-Dot’, with the idea of “connections” being quite prominent.
    With this objective in mind from the beginning, it made it easier to narrow down our research and tailor our approach to Assignment 1 to gather information that could help Dot-To-Dot’s development.


    The next stage was arranging an interview with someone who works professionally within our creative field. However, it seems the problem with being animators is that there is very little time left to you to reply to emails, so this stage took a bit longer than we anticipated! Through this period of communicating to different companies however, we managed to make a few valuable contacts that we'll be able to connect with more in the future.
  7. Despite a comparatively slow start in arranging an interview, we had a fantastic meeting with Emma Purvey, HR Manager at Outplay Entertainment Ltd, a local and successful app development company. The advice and information we gained from this interview was exactly what we needed at the time - enlightening and practical. We customised our interview question format to focus on existing employment systems internships. The information we gathered therefore was very useful in terms of our research for Dot-To-Dot and how a company would find use in it.
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    Screenshot 2015-04-16 15.02.18
  9. Then it was time to compile all we had learned and present it. This was not something any of us were looking forward to!
  10. "Busy working on the presentation! Nervous but excited for it #desent15"

    Dot-To-Dot, MON, FEB 23 2015 15:24:35
  11. We were given some really pragmatic lectures on preparing for and giving presentations, which inspired us to really knuckle down, and I can honestly say, before that point I had never prepared so intensely or enjoyed giving a presentation so much. It's surprising how much confidence you can gain in yourself by just having an in-depth knowledge of what it is you are actually talking about.
  12. "More presentation planning, super prepared (or so we hope) #desent15"

    Dot-To-Dot, TUE, FEB 24 2015 14:02:11
  13. Through thorough and meaningful preparation, and knowing the appropriate way to approach research, I can honestly say public speaking is now something I enjoy and look forward to.
  14. "Just out of the presentation! We did it!! #desent15"

    Dot-To-Dot, WED, FEB 25 2015 10:22:23


    Ashling Larkin and myself decided that to get the most out of this module, we needed a better knowledge of enterprise as a whole, so we joined the Enterprise Gym. To begin with we participated in workshops that familiarised us with business terms and language, as well as methods of filtering our ideas into something that could not only be viable, but successful. We also attended lectures and workshops with guest veteran entrepreneurs such as Alan Laing, providing more valuable insights into real life business stories. This was all transferrable knowledge that we could take into the lectures and workshops, which encouraged us to be more confident and vocal about sharing our thoughts and exploring the different possibilities for our ideas.