A Weather Bomb hits Ireland!

On 10 December 2014 a strong storm, termed a 'weather bomb due to the deep drop in pressure, hit Ireland's West & North coast, producing dramatic waves & high winds. Here are some of the photos:


  1. Photos came in from Northern Ireland, including waves which made the Giant's Causeway look tiny!
  2. The Game of Thrones filming location of Ballintoy harbour was engulfed:
  3. At the northwest corner of Ireland, in county Donegal, sea foam was going mad!
  4. And the waves followed suit:
  5. Meanwhile, down the west coast of Ireland the sea spray nearly obscured Doonagore Castle in Co Clare from view, & in co. Sligo author & illustrator Annie West put across the true meaning of the weather/waves chart-- simple & brilliant!
  6. We're still experiencing the storm, so I'll add photos as I come across them. Stay safe & stay away from the coasts! xx