Super Blood Moon Ireland 2015

Ireland was pretty much cloud free in some spots for the SuperBloodMoon eclipse on September 28, 2015. Here are some photos of the moonrise & the moon's red eclipse from photographers around the whole island of Ireland.

  1. As the supermoon rose, there were some high clouds where I was in rural east Clare, and from the other photos it seems there were a few clouds in other areas too. But the photographers used any clouds to their best advantage and produced some beautiful photographs. Lighthouses and bridges made stunning backdrops.
  2. The animals of Ireland seemed to enjoy the show too! A seagull 'sat' on the supermoon in @irpsyche's well-timed Dublin photo, and I captured some horses & cows in Clare checking out the moon. There's a tiny video clip of them here as well.
  3. Under The #SuperMoon: video clip. Peaceful... #Horses #Ireland #superbloodmoon
  4. For us in Ireland, the eclipse was fullest about 3.44 a.m. We had a totally clear sky in east Clare, and saw 6-7 shooting stars. You can see the faint trail of one of them at the bottom of my photo. (Its the not very good one!) Luckily, other Irish photographers know how to capture eclipse photos better than I -am only a newbie with the 'real' camera- and you can see thier clear red moon results below. Fab!
  5. The moon was so very bright that even in cities like Cork you could get a good shot!
  6. Did YOU get out to do a 'moonwalk' & see the Supermoon? Did you set your alarm to see the eclipse, or were you somewhere you could see it at an earlier hour? Have you a good Irish-based SuperBloodMoon photo you'd like me to add here? Let me know! You can tweet me at @vibrantireland or share on Vibrant Ireland & Travel's Facebook. Enjoy the pics-- until the *next* SuperMoon eclipse in 33 years :-D
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