Summer Solstice in Ireland 2014

From sunrise to sunset, Midsummer in Ireland was spectacular. Here are some photos which were shared through Twitter. If you enjoy these photos, its worth giving these folks a follow to fill your twitter stream with interesting images. Enjoy!


  1. The Summer Solstice celebrations at Donegal's Feile Grianan Ailigh look bril. Check out their video:
  2. I REALLY hope to go there next Midsummer-- it will be the 20th anniversary of my first setting foot in Ireland--and Grianan Ailigh and Buncrana are the first places I went. I'll also be 50 next summer, so I really want to mark those special times in this very special place. 
    This year for Summer Solstice Terry & I were meant to go to the celebrations at the Cavan Burren, another fascinating ancient & historic area. Unfortunately we were unable to, and missed out on their special walks, fun, & hearing these ancient Irish Bronze Age horns. It must have been spine tingling!
  3. The day was long and beautiful, and the farmers of Ireland got plenty of work done.
  4. As the day faded, sunset would soon start to colour the sky.
  5. Let's hope Winter Solstice will be as sunny!