My Learning Pathway - Hunger Games Project

How the Path to Panem Project started.....through tweeting to my PLN - The tweets start from the bottom of the page...Backwards of course!

  1. @KatyReedy Hi Katy! Thanks for chatting today! Looking forward to Hunger Games fun! @ak_leeg @Educurious
  2. @ak_leeg @Jessifer @allistelling Ironic that my tweets about creating hunger games online learning op- is the way I feel about learning.
  3. @ak_leeg @Jessifer @allistelling Challenge is to spread the word- destroy silos and pockets - unite - collaborate in new and engaging ways?
  4. @ak_leeg @Jessifer @allistelling Well - start thinking about it pls- when/who/ why would this be a good idea...:)
  5. @ak_leeg @Jessifer @allistelling Wondering if 2 different parts - competition to create and creation? This idea may be too engaging....
  6. @Jessifer @ak_leeg @allistelling Prize could be tweet chat with Jennifer Lawrence - can't find twitter name - sorry!
  7. @ak_leeg @verenanz @allistelling Yes, and teachers, and innocent bystanders, and nice folks on Twitter. :)
  8. @Jessifer @ak_leeg @allistelling I wondered why we haven't thought of this theme already? So fitting with open learning....
  9. @Jessifer @verenanz @allistelling It would have to be really compelling…would love to see the modules that are possible.
  10. @verenanz @ak_leeg @allistelling I like idea of encouraging some sort of spectatorship as well, since that's a component of the book.
  11. @Jessifer @allistelling @ak_leeg Last "group" or network standing- served thinking about MIT-where are balloons challenge- power in networks
  12. @ak_leeg @Jessifer @allistelling What are those rewards called that come down on parachutes? Could encourage "sponsors" help teams...
  13. @Jessifer @allistelling @ak_leeg Promote competition - through collaboration...Interaction- blended- hybrid- sustainability (Bring out best)
  14. @Jessifer @verenanz @allistelling I think that would be very good…a way to do it with low bandwidth as well?
  15. It was at this point that things started to get more serious 
  16. @ak_leeg wait a minute... I am just putting the idea out there... I would need a lot of creative help on this one :)
  17. RT @verenanz:Add: @ak_leeg in this Hunger Games brainstorming... What about a giant "game" where teams compete vs each other? #etlead
  18. @Jessifer @allistelling Add: @ak_leeg in this Hunger Games brainstorming... What about a giant "game" where teams compete vs each other?
  19. #etlead If anyone is interested in working with me to help @verenanz with her Hunger Games Online experience let me know. We'll bug her :-)
  20. @verenanz @allistelling Seems like there's some sort of online game in that, especially given the material I just checked out.
  21. @ak_leeg I saw you favourite that tweet - if you are interested - tweet me- starting to rethink Hunger Games online learning design ...
  22. @Jessifer @allistelling Wondering about a Hunger Games networked learning experience....
  23. @Jessifer all good- stole some chat time with @allistelling on the phone of all things!
  24. @verenanz @allistelling @Educurious Very cool. Especially like the badges. Sorry I wasn't available the other day for a hangout.