Veep Season 3 Robocall Case Study

Our “Robocall” execution for season 3 of HBO's hit comedy Veep was a brand new way to engage Veep fans on social that nobody else has done before, all while using a “mature,” existing medium.


  1. When a sitting Vice President (colloq: Veep) announces she’s going to run for President of the United States, she needs to reach her fellow Americans in new ways to gain support. Same goes for a new season of HBO’s hit comedy, Veep.

  2. Our campaign to launch Veep season 3 needed to increase social and industry buzz, while keeping a low barrier to entry. We know the Veep’s staff are constantly on their phones, thus, in concert with HBO, GLOW developed a brand new way to engage the smart and savvy Veep fans. 

    Instead of building yet another social app to sign up for, GLOW designed an immersive Veep experience using phone calls, texting, and Twitter.

  3. On April 1, Veep deployed a 202 phone number via social media, driving fans to dust off their dial tones and call the Veep’s own Press Secretary, Mike McClintock.
  4. Fans called and heard the Veep's Press Secretary, Mike McClintock, thanking them for their support of Selina:

  5. At the end of the call, Mike told callers to text VEEP to a shortcode to help out further. They continued to communicate with Mike via text...

  6. ...who delivered a custom Veep graphic using the fan's Twitter photo!

  7. Veep fans shared their support on Twitter proudly with #ISupportSelina: