'From the Everyday to the Bad Day' with Kristie Aylett, APR

From the June 2012 Ft. Worth PRSA program with Kristie Aylett, APR - Any day can become a bad day with the next phone call or email. How an organization manages everyday public relations forms the foundation to its crisis communications response.


  1. The Fort Worth PRSA June 2012 speaker was Kristie Aylett, APR, a PR consultant who has been on the front lines after a mass casualty incident, a few natural disasters and more than enough “bad days.” She shared simple ideas on ways to develop a more strategic approach to sharing the stories of your organizations and being ready when disaster strikes. The following are some the best tweets and thoughts shared...
  2. Steps to Take Now to Communicate More Effectively In a Crisis from Kristie Aylett, APR, The KARD Group PR/Marketing
  3. Listen, Monitor

  4. - Automate monitoring with Google News Alerts, RSS feeds
    - Add new alerts for situational terms
  5. Maintain Information

  6. - Keep internal, external and media contact lists updated and accessible
    - Prepare as if least experienced staff will be first to respond
  7. Develop Communications Channels

  8. - Develop online newsroom, blog
    - Have pre‐designed website templates, releases ready to customize
    - Be prepared to do without any and all technology (Electricity, landlines, internet, mobile phones)