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Watching VC Star live streams on iOS devices

We highly recommend watching our live streams on desktop/laptop computers, or devices that support Flash. However, IF your only option is to watch via an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch...


  1. TO START: DOWNLOAD PUFFIN WEB BROWSER FOR iPAD/iPHONE BY TAPPING THIS HYPERLINK (We have tested a number of Flash-enabled web browsers for iOS and this one seems to work best. There is a free version, in addition to the $1.99 version, but we have not tested the free version. We are in no way affiliated with the app developer, CloudMosa, Inc.)
  2. 1. Launch the app and ENTER THE FOLLOWING URL ( ) -   

    2. The video will appear here (it will not play as smooth as it does on Flash-enabled devices)

    3. Participate in the chat.

    * If you don't want to participate in the chat and want to watch the video full screen, see below...
  3. To watch the video in full screen, first tap the three dots in the upper right side of the screen. (See the next step below.)
  4. After tapping the three dots in the upper right, a menu bar will appear. Tap the "Theater" button and the video will then appear in full screen. The menu bar and the three dots will no longer be visible. To return to standard view, tap the upper right corner of the screen and you can return to standard view.