Ventura County same-sex couples get married

Star staff writer Tom Kisken went to the Ventura County Clerk and Recorder's office on July 1, the first full day the county was issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, following the Supreme Court's ruling on Prop. 8. Tom took photos of the couples who were waiting to get married.

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  1. About to be married. Anthony Clemente, left, and Allen Jeroy. #samesex, #gaymarriage, @vc_star
  2. The big moment for Anthony Clemente and Allen Jeroy. #samesex, #gaymarriage, @vc_star
  3. Maren Semler and Patricia Dalllam of Oxnard get ready to tie the knot. #samesex #gaymarriage @vc_star
  4. Sheri Wollard and Roxanne Carrillo decided they should get married in case the window again closes. #samesex #gaymarriage @vc_star
  5. A moment after being wed, Sheri Wollard wipes a tear. #gaymarriage #samesex @vc_star
  6. Theresa Berumen and Monica Castillo have been together four years. They married Monday. #samesex #gaymarriage @vc_star
  7. Theresa Berumen and Monica Castillo show off the bling. #gaymarriage #samesex @vc_star
  8. Crystal Campos and Brianna Padilla were married by Campos' uncle. #samesex #gaymarriage @vc_star