Dodgers post season begins

Keep up on the game and tell us how you think the team is doing @VCStarSports

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  1. Our sports desk is ready
  2. The fans are ready
  3. Crawford M.Ellis Ramirez Gonzo PUIG Uribe A.J.Eliis Schumaker Kershaw Lets Go DODGERS! ! Braves pitching can't hang w this line-up!
  4. He's ready for the playoffs. Go #Dodgers! @dodgers
  5. Feeling blue as in Dodger blue!! I CAN HEAR IT IN MY SOUL.... "In a year that was improbable, the impossible has happened" Let's go Hanly, Let's go AGon, Let's go Kersh, and Viva Puig!! Been waiting 25 years for this.. ..
  6. Now are the Dodgers?