school Holiday craft workshops


  1.   Parents and family membersare the first and most important influences on their childrenlearningat every stage as they grow. Whilst parents are usually the strongest models with the greatest impact, grandparents, aunts, uncles and family friends can also act as role models, mentors, and encouragers. Children are also influenced by input from peers, neighbours, teachers and others.  Researchhas shown that children who are most creative are those who have adult involvement in their play school Holiday craft workshops for children and teens. The richest play experience can occur when an adult plays along with a child and takes an active role in the play, instead of just supervising the play and providing playthings.  We as adults have many answers to difficulties that children may encounter when trying to make sense of their world through play. Although it is importantthatchildren find solutions to problems adults can give clues to help children before they become frustrated and stop playing. Some ideas that may guide you in play.
    Watch your child closely. This will give you ideas into his or her skill levels and favourite activities. This will allow you to choose toys and activitiesthat are appropriate for your child and which will delight them.       Children love to include parents in their play and will often allocate you a role in their game. Remember to always allow your child to remain in control of their play so that they can have control and determine the direction of their play.  It is important that when playing with young children we see the world through their eyes and try not to see boundaries for the toys we are using. Rediscover the child inside yourself and let go of the adult notion that there is only one way to play with a Holiday craft workshops
    Relax and enjoy the playtime anyone can have a go at it and the outcome is always successful. In play you create time for you and your child to feel good about yourselves and each other so the most important thing you can do is just to yourselves and have fun together.

    When choosing toys try to ensure that the toys do not have small pieces that can be easily swallowed by a young child. The toys are not to heavy and are light enough that they can be easily handled and held. That the toys do not have any sharp edges or points and are non- toxic.
     Remember children love brightly coloured toys and if they make a noise or music it is a bonus.
    In the world of your child their favourite toy can be both a friend and a protector. Dolls and teddy bears have been known to calm many an emotional child. They will talk to them and often listen to their doll or teddy. You can encourage this interaction. Their toys can often help them cope with difficult moments in their lives. 
    Board games, word matching games and child based card games can help the development of concentration and introduce the concept of rule and turn taking
    Construction sets, books, crafts and letter and number sets, and puzzles can be fun for your child and can help in the development of their fine motor skills whilst they play.