North Shore Rescue searches for missing snowboarder on Cypress Mountain

Rescuers have resumed the search for a 33-year-old snowboarder who went out of bounds and has been trapped in a gully on Cypress Mountain since December 16.

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  1. Cypress missing snowboarder update: NSR has still been unable to locate the subject. Last night RCMP Air 2 and 442 Squadron from Comox conducted an extensive search using night vision and thermal imaging but were not able to find any trace. Teams are heading back in this morning. Thanks to cypress resorts, RCMP and the Air Force for their assistance.
  2. Cypress missing snowboarder update: New crews are going to be heading into the field all night, with others getting a few hours of sleep before starting again in the morning. It is extremely challenging out there, and this certainly stretches resources. Please everyone else play safe out there and stay inbounds if you are not experienced, and in these conditions.