How to Show on Local Google Search Without Filters


  1. All businesses listed online aim to be listed on the first page of google search results. However, as you have noted the first page is becoming so small to accommodate the local businesses in the local search since it is normally filled with ads. It should be noted that it has become even more difficult to have your small business listed on the front page due to filters that have been imposed by Google making your business rank online to drop significantly overnight. The filters are not so different from the business ranking organically on the search results. So if your small business relies on the local search results to gain customers, then the Google filters will have a negative effect on the operation of your business.
  2. Causes of the Business Filters

  3. 1. Closeness matters
    The mobile google search has become the norm in the current epoch. Notably, the results that will be provided will depend on the location of the business from the person conducting the search. Also, nowadays the business does not require to be in the city to be seen in the google results as it was earlier. Nowadays, the radius of the search is the one considered to provide Google search results thus making your business in the suburb be at an advantages
  4. 2. Google My Business Categories
    It is advisable to select a specific category of your products so that you can narrow down searches for Google and ensure that nearby potential clients are able to find you. If you still have your competitors ranking higher than your business, check the categories they have selected and maybe add them if they are appropriate to your business. Notably, you should not select so many categories that may confuse Google and make it unsure to Google of what your business entails.
  5. 3. Your Physical Address
    It is critical to have a unique physical address not similar to your competitors. If you are in a similar block with other business and both of you are providing similar products or services, then it is likely that one of your businesses will be filtered out. It should be noted that adding a suite number to the physical address provided does not make Google not to filter the business as many people have implied. Ensure you do not have a very close physical address with your competitor to avoid being filtered out.
  6. 4. Practitioners
    If there are different practitioners in the same block, then google will filter some as it does not want one business to dominate the front page. On this note, you may diversify your website to specialties and not the home page only. You may link your business to other URLs on your website.
  7. Evaluate your Competitors

  8. Google wishes to rank the best businesses on its front page. On this note, it will take the businesses that have the best ranking. So you should check what other competitors are doing to ensure they do not outshine your business.
    There are other factors that will lead to your business ranking better than your competitors; that entail the reviews on your site, the posts, the Google+ the tweets and Facebook posts and also how you engage with your visitors. Another thing to consider is the numerous sources leading to your website.