Historic Walking Tour of Northampton

Let me take you for a walk...


  1. A few weeks ago, I was rummaging through some old papers in my flat and happened upon this old leaflet...
  2. I hadn't really thought about Northampton as a place for tourism before. I don't suppose anyone sees their hometown that way. So, in the spirit of experimentalism, I resolved to take the "Historic Town Trail" and explore the town as though a visitor.

    Not content with broadening my own horizons, I figured I could open people's eyes to (what I hoped would be) the charms of Northampton. I would take photos of what I saw on the route and post the pictures to my Twitter account, creating a real-time "virtual walking tour".

    On a chilly Spring morning, then, I set out with a camera and notepad and pen to record the time each photo was taken. I followed the three mile route in a leisurely two and a half hours (slowed slightly by stopping to get my pictures, plus the occasional camera problem).

    Upon arriving home, I wrote up captions for my photos and noted the time at which they should be posted. The "virtual tour was ready to go.

    Come the following morning, here's how it went down...
  3. That photo caught the eye of someone at the museum...
  4. You should definitely check out the history galleries upstairs at the the Central Museum. They play this on a loop: 
  5. (60 Miles by Road and Rail) Northampton
  6. The trail then channels you through a car park for some reason. I think you'll have to close your eyes until we're somewhere nice again.
  7. I said it was "rare". I was corrected on this point by a source that knows a thing or two about the house...
  8. Head north up the not-especially-photogenic Cheyne Walk until you reach the crossroads.