Twitter and Professional Athletes

Our most recent Twitter chat touched on the topic of professional athletes and their usage of social media - we were lucky to have @ChrisWarcraft and @jeremybalan join us in the discussion as we all learned a lot from each other - take a look:


  1. Jimmy, Andrew and James led the chat and they threw us some really good questions. We started off by thinking about whether professional athletes run their own social media accounts or not:
  2. Most of us said that some athletes run their accounts and some are probably ran by someone else. Jalen helped us out by telling us that he knows a professional athelte that runs his own Twitter:
  3. We all know the power of Twitter - let's take a look at what Twitter can mean to a professional athletes team:
  4. Martin posted an article link about sport teams that ultilize social media to the max - check it out:
  5. After we got warmed up with those starter questions we started seeing some opposing opinions about professional athletes and their tweets:
  6. I think we were 50/50 on that question. Let's take a look at what we felt about athletes being paid to Tweet about endorsed products:
  7. Martin gave us some proof with an article about professional athletes that get cash for their posts:
  8. We finished up with finding out about how sports companies get noticed on social media: