Electronic cigerattes

The modern smoker has to fight for their rights, but a new solution has given smokers a reason to take pride in their lifestyle choice again.


  1. In the last century the manufactured cigeratte has become incredibly popular through out the world. The practise of Tobacco smoking has been around since 3000 BC and is a way of life for many individuals. The [Electronic cigeratte] is the latest step in the evolution of tobacco smoking and is becoming increasingly popular since it was developed in the mid 1970s.

    Electronic cigerattes or [Ecigs] as they are sometimes known v2 cigs, are designed to improve the experience of smoking for the individual. This is achieved by providing a device which is long lasting, as well as providing a smoking experience that is healthier than that of a cigeratte.

    Electronic cigerattes work by heating a liquid that contains a nicotine solution. When the user sucks on the device, a fine mist from the solution is drawn into the lungs. This acts as a replacement to the nicotine smoke of a normal cigeratte, which contains a number of unhealthy chemicals as well as the nicotine, which is harmful to humans.