Need Utah Medicaid Nursing Home Answers?

Are you facing the decision of moving a parent or spouse into a Utah nursing home? With costs of $6,500 or more per month, you are probably overwhelmed with how to pay. Your loved one worked hard all their life - and is now facing expenses that can wipe them out in months! I have solutions.


  1. For the great majority of those entering a Utah nursing home for long term care – Medicaid in Utah is the answer.  Don’t give up on Utah Medicaid.  It’s a very valuable government benefit that every person can receive – if they know how to apply for Medicaid in Utah and qualify by meeting the Utah Medicaid eligibility rules. Utah Medicaid nursing home eligibility can be met by most people.  You don’t need to be poor, indigent or on welfare to qualify.  However, Utah state Medicaid and the eligibility rules and the Utah Medicaid application are complicated and confusing.  Applying for Medicaid in Utah is often difficult – and finding someone who can explain exactly what options apply – is like finding a needle in a haystack!

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    My name is Timothy G. Williams, and I am a Utah Elder law attorney that specializes in Utah elder law nursing home  Medicaid for those entering a Utah nursing home.  The situation you are going through right now is something you need help with.  You really do need to talk to someone who can explain things about your exact circumstance and tell you your best options so you can make the best decisions.  Don’t spend any more money on nursing home bills until you talk to me.


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    I’m easy to talk to.  When you call, I will be answering - so don't be surprised when you hear "Hello - this is Tim Williams."  I honestly believe you will feel much better after visiting with me (and there’s no charge for the call).  I can usually tell you right over the phone what your options are and how you can qualify for Medicaid and keep as many of your assets as possible.


    We Need To Talk This Over!


    I am one of the few Elder Law attorneys in the state of Utah who has dedicated his practice to long term care Medicaid applications, Utah elder law Medicaid, Utah estate planning and asset protection strategies to help families qualify their loved one for Medicaid benefits so they can keep as many of their resources as possible.


    I work with Utah Medicaid and  Utah nursing homes to secure payment for the care you need and help you apply for Medicaid Utah and Utah Medicaid application nursing home matters.  There are little-used laws that can help regular folks get the best care available without sacrificing their life’s work.  I have helped many clients save hard earned assets for their spouse and then for their children.  I am able to do this by knowing and using completely legitimate and government approved strategies to get your loved one qualified for Medicaid of Utah.   I know the Utah Medicaid qualifications.

    Following the Rules

    The Utah Medicaid program and Utah Medicaid nursing home eligibility is built on set of federal rules and Utah Medicaid requirements.  If you follow those rules, you can have the benefits.  If you don’t know the rules, or don’t follow the rules, then you will fail to receive the benefits.  You’ve heard “Ignorance of the Law is no Defense”.  My motto is:  “Use the Law in Offense” to save your hard earned assets.


    My Advice -  apply for Medicaid in Utah for your loved one as soon as you know they need to be placed in a nursing home.  I have helped many clients save assets for their spouse and then for their children.   I am able to do this by knowing the Utah state Medicaid laws and asset protection strategies that can be used in completely legitimate and government approved ways to get nursing home residents qualified for Medicaid. 


    Please, don’t rely on “someone’s” advice until you talk to me.  I know planning strategies that work in Utah  that other elder Law – Elderlaw -  attorneys, estate planning attorneys and so called Utah senior planning advisors know little about.  I've met many people who failed to get the right advice -  and ended up paying a lot more than they needed to -  because they relied on the wrong information


    Don't trust your life savings, or the health of a dear loved one to someone who doesn't know the ins-and-outs of Medicaid law.   I am an experienced and trustworthy guide for nursing home Medicaid applications and eligibility matters.  I am dedicated to helping my client families arrange their financial affairs to make sure their loved one can live worry free in a safe and protective environment, without the devastating worry of how it will be paid for.


    My  performance record is excellent — some would even say magical.  But I don’t do magic.  I  just take what the law gives and apply it for my clients benefit – always making sure it’s done in strict accordance with the law and highest possible moral and ethical standards.


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