#CreepyIP 2016

Every year since 2011, USPTO has shared intellectual property found in the deepest and darkest corners of the archives-- from patents of winged men to trademarks of the Yeti. Sift through a month's worth of Creepy IP, learn about the origin and history, and see what others have to say about it.


  1. We kicked off this year's #CreepyIP campaign with the return of the 'flying man' and continued to share creepy patents and trademarks throughout the month of October. View the full list of #CreepyIP tweets below, or scroll down further to see contributions and feedback from other Twitter users.

  2. If you're the career driven type in this life then this might appeal to you:
  3. Ranked 38th for October 18, 2016 by @GreatGovTweets.
  4. Fun pumpkin gif from last year's #CreepyIP campaign. Check it out.
  5. Ranked 32nd for October 27, 2016 by @GreatGovTweets.