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What Freshmen Should Avoid Bringing to College

U.S News Education Twitter and Facebook followers share ideas on items that freshmen shouldn't take to school.


  1. As summer nears its end, first-year college students are preparing to leave their homes and start their lives at colleges across the country. But with small dorms, busy schedules and new friends, freshmen often pack more than they need.
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  3. Can you give an example of your idea of an excessive amount of electronics Soe Thu Aung?
  4. For example, most freshmen like to bring TV, xbox, PS3 , etc... because students mostly think its a way get a way from home and do whatever they want. In fact, you will have busiest life so far whether you live in dorm or out of campus because school hw and tests keep you busy every single day
  5. Freshman from out of town and living on campus should NOT be allowed to bring vehicles. There are several prominent schools with this policy.
  6. Game consoles were among the popular items that our followers say freshmen should leave at home. 
  7. xbox and other video game consoles. there's no time for that!
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