USI Eagles Abroad : Spain

USI Eagles Abroad is a student created pilot program which is promoting USI and the many amazing studying abroad opportunities the university has to offer. We will be documenting our trip continuously via YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram to keep our viewers engaged!

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  1. Here is a nice picture of all three of us decked in Spanish and USI attire!
  2. This was our promo video to give people an idea what we would do in Spain! After 6 months of hard work we were given approval as a pilot program!
  3.                Our university made us an official page where you can find links to our social media!
                             Please give it a click and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
  4.                             USI even put us on their front page of the for a longtime!
  5. Famous on front page of #usi page. Visit to get our Facebook, YouTube , and twitter links to follow! Win prizes
  6. So with just a few days before leaving some people were really interested in sharing our story!
  7. This is a wonderful story written by our city newspaper that outlines what were were about to do!
  8.                                                  There was the interview taking place!
  9. Then the Tri-State Channel 14 News wanted their chance to hear about our upcoming adventure!

  10. We are being interviewed by channel 14 one by ...
  11. With all the media getting involved it was time to pack the bags!
  12. Our first flight of the day! We then flew from Philadelphia to Madrid to kick off our adventure!
  13. Here is a look at what we did in the airport before getting there!
  14. We made it and began our trip with sight seeing with our contact friend Sergio 
    from Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio.  
  15. We are going to bed now! We had a safe flight in
  16. While we were in Spain to see the fun and cool things we all visited study abroad locations like UAX