Education Drives America Back-to-School Bus Tour - Day 7

The “Education Drives America” Back-to-School Bus Tour takes Secretary Arne Duncan and senior ED staff coast-to-coast. Day seven included stops in Lexington, KY, and Charleston and McDowell County, WV. Visit to keep up to date.

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  1. Picadome Elementary School - Lexington, Kentucky
  2. Deputy Secretary Tony Miller discussed foreign language education during a classroom visit and a roundtable discussion with 15 local education and community stakeholders.
  3. Elk Elementary Center - Charleston, West Virginia
  4. Secretary Duncan visited Elk Elementary Center in Charleston, W.Va., where he participated in a roundtable with local and state early learning stakeholders.
  5. Mount View High School - McDowell County, West Virginia
  6. Secretary Duncan joined Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, for a panel discussion with community members and stakeholders. Participants discussed how to build public-private partnerships to support educational improvement as the path to a brighter economic future. 
  7. Additional Events:
  8. #edtour12 includes nearly 100 total events. ED officials were meeting in several states during day seven.