Day Four - Back-to-School Bus Tour Across America

The “Education Drives America” Back-to-School Bus Tour takes Secretary Arne Duncan and senior ED staff coast-to-coast. Day four included stops in Denver and Limon, Colorado. Visit to keep up to date.


  1. Lowry Elementary - Denver, Colorado
  2. Secretary Arne Duncan rejoined the Education Drives America tour on Monday, Sept. 17, and was met by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, Lt. Governor Joseph Garcia, and Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet for a visit to Lowry Elementary School in Denver. The group participated in a Let’s Move! nutrition event and group fitness activity that included eating school lunch and touring the Lowry's garden.
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  4. Limon Public School - Limon, Colorado
  5. Secretary Duncan's next stop was at Limon Public School—a K-12 school—in Limon, Colorado. Duncan joined over 200 students, parents, teachers and community members at the school’s Constitution Day celebration.
  6. 09172012 - Bus Tour 2012 - Limon 164
    09172012 - Bus Tour 2012 - Limon 164
  7. 09172012 - Bus Tour 2012 - Limon 84
    09172012 - Bus Tour 2012 - Limon 84
  8. Watch the video summary of day four:
  9. Bus Tour Across America - Day Four
  10. Additional Events and Stay Connected!
  11. #edtour12 includes nearly 100 total events. ED officials were meeting throughout the Colorado region during day four.
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