Back-to-School Bus Tour - Day Four

The “Strong Start, Bright Future” Back-to-School Bus Tour takes Secretary Arne Duncan throughout the Southwest to highlight the importance of ensuring that all students benefit from high-quality educational opportunities. Day four included visits in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Yuma, Ariz.


  1. Phoenix - Duncan and team got an early start on day four of the tour at the Bret Tarver Education Complex to visit classrooms and to hold a town hall on the importance of quality early learning programs.
  2. Scottsdale - Duncan and ED staff met with tribal leaders to talk about the federal role in strengthening tribal education.
  3. Yuma - The tour continued to Yuma, with a stop at a local food bank to thank volunteers and highlight work that strengthens communities. The last stop of the day was at Yuma Marine Corps Air Station where Duncan joined military leaders, service members and their families to discuss the importance of supporting military-connected students and their families.