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UX PaaS4SaaS: Enabling Oracle Applications Cloud Partner Confidence


  1. Partners, your competitive differentiator for winning Cloud business and industry kudos is here: Oracle PaaS4SaaS user experience (UX) enablement using Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) to extend the Oracle Applications Cloud (SaaS). The Oracle Applications User Experience team's Rapid Development Kit (RDK) sets you apart from the cloud crowd when you build those modern, must-have user experiences for the Oracle Cloud, accelerating delivery of awesome solutions across the Oracle Cloud applications portfolio.
  2. Try our design and development tools, and don't look back. Download the RDK, sign up for a Oracle Cloud trial service, and reach out for more enablement information.

  3. Explore what’s being said about PaaS4SaaS by the movers and shakers in the Oracle Partner Cloud world.
  4. Mark Sunday, Oracle Senior Vice President and CIO, talks about the winning combination of a PaaS and SaaS integration: “Software as a service offers incredible business value in terms of speed, flexibility, and simplicity—but it takes only a short history lesson to realize that SaaS is not something to implement in a vacuum.“
  5. “As companies focus on information integration across the cloud and on-premises systems, the importance of integration between SaaS and PaaS services will naturally surface.”
  6. Oracle PaaS4SaaS accelerates your innovation cycles, increases SaaS adoption, and increases wins.
  7. Industry thought leader Debra Lilley (@debralilley), Oracle ACE Director and Vice President of Certus Cloud Services at Certus Solutions, says: “PaaS4SaaS enforces [extension] discipline” and supports a consistent user experience. “Customers don’t want to know that they’re in another application, and they don’t want to have to navigate separately into an extension. They want a simple, all encompassing experience.”
  8. And on the inexorable trend towards cloud computing and how Certus Solutions is benefiting by an investment in Oracle Applications Cloud, Debra says: “PaaS for SaaS will emerge as the de-facto way to extend Oracle Applications in a safe, manageable, and cost-effective way.”
  9. You’d be nuts not to take on board the demand for enterprise Cloud integrations. But don’t take our word for it. Let attendees' speak for themselves.
  10. From the Certus Solutions and eProseed workshop:
  11. From the Hitachi Consulting workshop:
  12. The bottom line is that the cloud changes everything, from the competitive differentiator of UX to the need to continually innovate.
  13. “By 2017, the platform as a service market will reach US$17 billion, predicts global market intelligence firm IDC,” writes Profit Magazine.
  14. “All cloud platforms aren’t created equal, and, like a marriage or a choice in business partner, choosing a cloud platform is an important decision you will have to live with for a while,” says Lisa M. Schwartz (@leeza2020), Oracle Senior Product Marketing Director for Cloud Applications.
  15. Oracle PaaS4SaaS is your innovation kick-starter for the enterprise, shortening the innovation cycle.
  16. “Customers are sick and tired of the cost and time involved in endless integration.” Mark Hurd (@markvhurd), Oracle Chief Executive Officer, says: “We just do more work for the customer. We integrate the products for the customer so the customer doesn’t have to do it. We optimize the software for the solution.”
  17. Steve Miranda (@stevenrmiranda), Oracle Executive Vice President of Oracle Applications Product Development, emphasizes customer and partner benefits from SaaS and innovation: “Today, the advent of the cloud-based model has allowed software developers and vendors to better tailor their applications to customers’ needs, and in general, make them better and faster.”