The best tweets from Bolivia's recent global campaign to regain its access to the sea.

  1. This. "Bolivia was born with the sea. The sea belongs to Bolivia. With love, Lionel Messi."
  2. The goal of the campaign #MarParaBolivia ("the sea for Bolivia") was to elicit personalized messages in support of regaining the Bolivia's access to the sea, which it lost to Chile in the 1880s and has since tried repeatedly to regain, largely through diplomatic channels and international courts (to no avail). From the Bolivian consulate in Washington, D.C., to indigenous people and rallies across Bolivia, to allies and supporters in Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Latin America, the United States, the campaign centered largely around the themes of justice and the alleviation of poverty in the small, landlocked country. There was even a meme of Michelle Bachelet, Chile's president. Note, this was a meme, not an actual photo of support. The relationship of Bachelet and Morales, the Bolivian president, was very contentious on the issue.
  3. "The sea for Bolivia, is there anything more logical? Who won the war of the Pacific? The Chilean business owners allied with American capitalism. Who lost? The children of Chile, Peru, and Bolivia."
  4. Another goal of campaign was to make #MarParaBolivia a trending topic on Twitter. I don't think it achieved that.
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